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Elders partners with Swarfarm Robotics to sponsor the newest in farming technology

Elders partners with Swarfarm Robotics to sponsor the newest in farming technology

In an exciting development that may change the shape of Australian agriculture, Elders has partnered with SwarmFarm Robotics to develop robotic technology for use in cropping.

Based at Gindie in the Central Highlands of Queensland, SwarmFarm Robotics is commercialising the use of robots to improve productivity, lower costs and reduce environmental impacts.



The company is the brainchild of innovative Queensland farmers Andrew and Jocie Bate who started looking for alternative technology as their farm equipment became bigger, wider, heavier and more costly. After five years of development, three robots will be used during launch by targeting weeds with herbicides in a fallow paddock in March.

Elders take pride in fostering innovation in agriculture and are delighted to support what is likely to be a world first in farming and “the next big thing for our cropping clients” says National Technical Services Manager, Graham Page.

Graham emphasises that robotics technology has the potential to enhance farm efficiency and take agriculture to the next level, following on from advances in precision agriculture, minimum tillage and controlled traffic farming.

“Farm management practices are coming under increasing pressure and compliance issues will become more pressing for farmers in the future,” he said.

“The development of robotics has huge implications for agronomy so our partnership with SwarmFarm Robotics will enable us to take an early lead in understanding how this technology works and how we can help our clients apply it.”